Upcoming Training and Events

 9/27/2017 - Excel Budgeting Made Easier for GP Users

 10/3/2017 - Deciphering Power BI and OData in Dynamics GP
 When:10/3/2017 -- 10/3/2017
 Where:Learn Over Lunch Webinar
 Description:During this session you'll learn how (and why) to use Power BI and OData in GP.
Learning Objectives:
See how Power BI works on the GP homepage
Learn how GP OData works with Power BI
Learn how to use Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Online vs. Power BI the App

 10/16/2017 - Core Financials Bootcamp: Introduction to GP

 10/17/2017 - Core Financials Bootcamp: General Ledger

 10/18/2017 - Core Financials Training: Payables Management

 10/19/2017 - Core Financials Training: Receivables Management

 10/19/2017 - Understanding Job Cost: A Deep Dive

 10/20/2017 - Core Financials Training: Bank Reconcilitation

 10/24/2017 - KEY2ACT (Wennsoft) Job Cost

 10/26/2017 - 16th Annual Customer Symposium

 11/2/2017 - I have HR & Payroll. Now What?!?!

 11/2/2017 - BBB Focus Luncheon Presenter Proposal

 11/7/2017 - Human Resources and Payroll

 11/23/2017 - DFC Offices Closed

 12/6/2017 - GP Year End Close